13. [Smut]: Athena's Assignment - Emri

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[Capital City Of Kilaqen: Mio 22, 3728]

Masxn's tentacles slithered around the busty dark elf's body as they restrained her movement. She had long white hair and blue eyes.

At this time, they were standing in an vacant alleyway.

"Who do you think you are?" the dark elf asked.

"Says the person who committed Tax Evasion. Also, if you were innocent, why did you try to run away when you saw me? Doesn't that just prove you're a criminal?" Masxn asked.

"Let's get to the point! What do you need? Money? Information?" she asked.

"Sex is what we want," Sage said.

"What?" she asked confused.

"You heard the man. We're going to fuck you...with tentacles, of course," Masxn replied.

As she assumed an aggressive stance, the dark elf pulled out a pair of dual daggers.

"Who sent you?" she asked.

"Representative Athena sent us, Emri. She already gave us your name and why she's unhappy, but I personally don't care," Masxn said.

Emri glanced at Masxn's back and the tentacle monster floating beside him.

"In the Kilaqen Empire, the only person who has tentacles is Thelsea's new assistant. That must mean you're Mason. I didn't know you became a lapdog for the Tenacious Enforcers," Emri said.

"Do you think I give a shit what you think? Athena is giving me several Adamantite coins to teach you a lesson. Strong and confident women like you are usually the best ones to break," Masxn said.

Upon rising from the ground, a phallic tentacle began dispersing a large amount of aphrodisiac.

When Masxn saw Emri coughing, he pounced.

In a flurry, he rushed towards her and punched her in the stomach, causing her to cough up blood. After he headbutted her, she dropped her dual daggers. Emri appeared dazed.

"Masxn, do you think I'll offend Mason if I say I like you more," Sage said.

"You like me more because I am the half-demon side of him," Masxn said.

"Hm. I suppose you're right," Sage said.

She was held in the air by Masxn's tentacles as he restricted her arms and legs.

"What—?" Emri said.

Before Emri could finish her thought, a thick phallic tentacle entered her mouth as the other tentacles moved underneath her clothes. Her throat was being used by the tentacle.

"This really reminds me of Tentacle Hentai," Masxn said.

"You still haven't explained to me what 'hentai' is. What does it mean?" Sage asked.

"More or less what we're about to do," Masxn replied.

A few small tentacles began oozing a warm liquid onto Emri, slowly destroying her clothes. Having fully disintegrated her clothing, the tentacles brought Emri within arm's length of Masxn.

Several tentacles teased her private parts as he instinctively grabbed a handful of her breasts. As Sage looked at her nipples, he noticed that they were already erect.

"It looks like the aphrodisiac is working nicely. But it's too bad we can't hear her voice. I like to hear my victims' voices," Sage said.

"As a Tentacle Lord focused on gore, wouldn't your victims' voices only be those of people in pain?" Masxn asked.

"The fact that I like gore doesn't mean I don't use my tentacles for lewd stuff. The whole idea of tentacles doing lewd stuff is to impregnate captives and create deadly monsters without using mana," Sage said.

Masxn removed the phallic tentacle from Emri's mouth as her saliva dripped from it. Redness spread across her face as she struggled to breathe.

She took a few moments to catch her breath.

"I expected more resistance from you. Could it be that you're secretly a masochist?" Masxn said.

"You...did something to me, didn't you? What did that tentacle disperse earlier?" Emri asked.

"Don't worry about it. There are more important things requiring your attention," Masxn said.

"Several things, actually," Sage said.

Masxn's tentacles lowered Emri's body so her face would be directly before his crotch.

Masxn began unbuckling his pants.

"Now that you're used to the phallic tentacle, the real thing shouldn't be too bad, right?" Masxn said.

As the tentacle rubbed her private parts, it stopped for a moment before quickly squeezing her clit.

"Wait! Don't squeeze—!" Emri said.

Her body started twitching instantly as a clear liquid started squirting out.

Masxn noticed that Emri had an ahegao face before passing out. As a result, he placed her on the ground. Her nose began to bleed.

"Could the aphrodisiac have been too strong?" Sage wondered.

"Or she was just a pervert. She barely even resisted!" Masxn complained.

"Now what? She came so hard that she passed out," Sage said.

Masxn scratched his head as he pondered for a moment.

"Probably best to leave her here and talk to Athena. Time to get paid," Masxn said.

Sage floated over Emri as Masxn began to walk out of the alleyway. She still had an ahegao look on her face.

"Are we really meant to just leave her like this in the alleyway?" Sage questioned.

"It's not our problem, Sage. Plus, it's not like you care," Masxn said.

"It's possible you have a point," Sage replied.


[Representative Athena's Office]

"By the Gods, it seems that went better than expected," Athena said.

Currently, Masxn and Sage were in Athena's office, which was inside of Ogis' fortress.

Emri's situation was being discussed after Masxn introduced Sage to Athena earlier.

"We believe the aphrodisiac was simply too strong for her. It made her extremely sensitive to the point that she would shut down her brain during a full orgasm. There is also a possibility she suffered a partial mindbreak," Sage said.

"Iggith created this particular aphrodisiac to overcome a succubus' resistance. We forgot about it since it was last used against Thelsea by accident," Masxn said.

As she propped her feet on the desk, Athena rubbed her chin.

"This would be a very valuable aphrodisiac to many people....," Athena said.

"This is not for sale, Athena," Masxn warned.

Athena was irritated.

"Is it possible to give me a small glass vial of it?" Athena asked. "We are friends after all, aren't we?"

"Last we checked," Sage said, "you called us partners, not friends."

"Life is full of the possibility of change. Plus, I'm an ally you should have," Athena explained.

"Why is that?" Masxn asked.

"You'll find out soon enough. The better question is whether you are giving me a vial or not. I have an empty vial meant for Chrono that I was about to use," Athena replied.

Athena reached into her desk and pulled out a small glass vial containing a cork. She then passed it to Masxn.

"So you don't want to sell this?" Sage asked.

"If you really want to know, I'm going to use it privately. First on my female lovers, and then on my male lovers. I wouldn't sell something that I don't have more than one of. Especially something as interesting as this," Athena said.

"Male and female lovers?" Masxn asked.

"I guess you can call it a mixed harem in a sense. I just use a magic strap-on with the females," Athena explained.

"Way too much information," Sage said.

"Oh, grow up. You're a Tentacle monster and he's a Tentacle mage. I don't want to hear from either of you," Athena said.

"I do not really care," Masxn replied.

Her eyes were fixed on Mason as she smiled.

"What do you say? Are you going to help a fellow Tenacious Enforcer?" Athena asked.

Masxn pondered her request as he thought it over for a moment.

"Mason might disagree, but it is what it is. Try not to do anything stupid, Athena," Masxn warned.

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