4. The Storm Warden [Part 2]

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[Mio 1st, 3728: Fayhelm's Great Forest]

As the Warden began riding her flying sword towards them, several lightning beams emerged from the storm cloud and struck the dragon.

Once one of the beams penetrated it's skull, the creature began its rapid descent before crashing to the ground.

Justine and Owen were shocked.

"How did she do that?" Owen asked.

"This is what a Warden's power can do," Justine replied.

When the distance between them was close enough, the Warden jumped off of her sword and landed in front of them. Her sword magically sheathed itself as she began patting her clothes down.

"What are you guys doing on this road? Not many people use it these days," the Warden said.

"It's easy to see why," Owen jokingly said.

'So, what are your names? I haven't seen you around Platinum Helm, but they call me Faith, the Storm Warden," Faith replied.

"I'm Justine, and he's Owen. You could say we're the new heroes in town," Justine said.

"Well, technically I'm a Merchant Hero," Owen said.

"You're still talking about that?" Justine responded.

As Faith looked at Owen, she rubbed her chin.

"By the way, what kind of magic user are you? I haven't seen that type of magic before," Faith said.

"Oh. I'm the Sorcerer Of Light. I was reincarnated to kill the two Demon Lords, or something like that," Owen said.

After a few moments of staring at her colleagues, Faith spoke.

"Ok," Faith replied nonchalantly.

"Ok?! He just told you that he is the legendary hero of Adrios and all you have to say is Ok?!" Justine exclaimed confused.

"Well, until we bring him in to be checked by the guild, it isn't really confirmed. People claim to be the Guardian Of Adrios all the time," Faith said.

"That seems reasonable to me," Owen said as he nodded.

A sigh escaped Justine's lips.

"Not like the public would believe it otherwise. He doesn't seem like a hero at all," Justine said disappointed.

Faith looked over at the dead dragon before turning back to them.

"Since we're both walking to the same place, I might as well join you," Faith said.


[Some time passes]

Owen and Justine walked with Faith as the Storm Warden explained to them what Fayhelm was like.

Fayhelm was something of an emerging trading hub with great potential, probably owing to Fay Harbour, which enabled goods to be traded conveniently from distant places.

The currency in Adrios consisted of four types: Gold, Platinum, Adamantite, and Quatinum.

Gold coins were most common, while Quatinum coins were legendary.

Additionally, they learned that the God of Wealth, Ledos, was not only the face on all the coins, but also the one who gave them legal status. All coins in Adrios must have his blessing in order to be legal. Because of this, they were able to have a strong, centralized currency. Falsifying such a coin is highly unlikely.

Faith also explained that the civilian population in Fayhelm was diverse. Catgirls, Bunny girls, Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, and other demi-humans were common. In contrast, she explained that the more aggressive demihumans, such as the lamia and other types of monster girls, were mainly citizens of the Kilaqen Empire. Her explanation was that the Kilaqen Empire was home to two Demon Lords named Ogis and Broggon.

Ultimately, she planned to take Justine and Owen to Platinum Helm, one of the strongest guilds in the Kingdom of Pheoria.

Faith claimed that the Guild had a unique management system. As the population of the trading hub grew, the guild reorganized into five departments:

Combat Association

Combat quests are handled by the Combat Association. They handle monster elimination, demon slaying, bandit outposts, etc. They are the sole owners of the Guild's underground Dungeon and are partial owners of the Guild's biggest arena. They teach everything under the School Of Combat that the School Of Magic doesn't teach.

Mages Association

All magic-related quests are handled by the Mages Association. They handle summoning, casting, alchemy, potion brewing, etc. They teach everything under the School Of Magic, which includes Enchanting, Alchemy, Potion brewing, etc.

Trade Association

All trade-related inquiries are handled by the Trade Association. The group is responsible for resource collection, mining, delivery, etc. This group also handles requests for caravan bodyguards. Under the School Of Trading, they teach the wonderful aspects of currency. They are also responsible for managing the Guild's resources and treasury.

Security Committee

The Pheorian government's Security Committee has a beneficial relationship with the Guild. It is mostly owned by Pheoria, but it is also owned by the Guild. There are members of the Guild, the FSF, and representatives of the Empire. They are in charge of things like the 'Quatinum Concord', a multi-regional agreement between settlements to send any anomalies to the capital for training and development. The Guild also has a school called the 'Platinum Crest' where young children are properly instructed until they turn 16. It is the goal of the Pheoria Empire to develop a new generation of heroes by sending highly qualified teachers to teach the young children. The majority of children who get to attend Platinum Crest are either highly talented or gifted.

Wardens and anomalies are the only ones allowed to participate in Security Committee quests. Currently, there are only two Wardens in Fayhelm. Of the two, Faith is the only female. There are, however, a variety of anomalies, which are special heroes who haven't reached S rank yet.


In response to Faith's explanation, Owen nodded affirmatively.

"I like this city!" Owen exclaimed.

"The capital should be quite near us, right?" Justine asked.

"Yes. The Empire's capital isn't too far away from here. One could argue that it is part of why I'm even here - or why the security committee is so interested in the place," Faith said.

Justine and Owen noticed the town of Fayhelm on the horizon as the side road merged into the main road. It seemed as magical as one might expect, with a wall of moderate size and a crew of guards protecting its residents.

"Do we need to go through security? It looks like there are two lines to get in," Owen asked, surprised.

"Normally, I just ride on my sword into the city," Faith replied. "I completely forgot about them."

"You can do that?" Justine asked.

"It's not like they have a choice," Faith said smugly.

The sword, which seemed to be highly valuable, caught Owen's attention.

"What did you do to that sword? I've never seen anyone ride a flying sword before," Owen asked.

Faith's sword magically unclasped itself as it floated next to her. In some ways, it seems as if it has a mind of its own.

"You only need to know it's a family heirloom. I don't trust you enough to offer any more information," Faith said.

"Fair enough," Owen replied.

"So, what are we going to do? Wait in line?" Justine asked.

Faith smiled as she proudly grabbed her sword from the air.

"Not quite," Faith replied smirking.

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