2. The High Council Of Quelyn

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[Mio 1st, 3728: Fayhelm's Great Forest]

There was something intriguing about this new world for Owen. Imaginary trees, magical skies, and even fantastic creatures.

Even if the Stalker Of Justice followed him.

Justine looked at Owen quizzically as she asked: "I'm not sure what you're looking for. Do you have any specific questions that I can answer?"

"You mentioned the Council of Quelyn sent you here." Owen began, but Justine interrupted him with a raised eyebrow. "Can you tell me about them? Who are they?" he asked.

A captivating tale of Adrios' past arose from Justine as she began to tell it. Father Mayhem, according to her, created everything from nothing years ago. In order for both sides of the balance to exist forever, he made two gods at once using Eternal Light and Darkness magic. Light and Dark Magic are considered primordial magic because they have existed since the beginning of time.

In her image, the Supreme Deity created Quelyn and the Gods. In his own image, the Supreme Demon then created Dugwyn and the Demons. These two dimensions are responsible for spawning additional branches of Magic; with the realm of Quelyn being ruled by a High Council.

The High Council of Quelyn is a governing body of Gods that oversees 50+ worlds. A total of 11 members sit on this council:

Qemir - The God Of Wisdom, Knowledge.

Khelios - The God Of Time.

Ledos - The God Of Wealth, Fortune, Currency.

Themy - The Goddess Of Justice, Order, Law. (Justine's mother)

Zaldir - The God Of War, Destruction, Chaos.

Dalios - The God Of The Sun, Moon.

Kodyn - The God Of The Sea, Storm.

Faylen - The Elven Goddess Of Beauty, Love, Peace, Fertility.

Orva - The Elven Goddess Of Spirits.

Onvyr - The Elven God Of Magic.

Cira - The Elven Goddess Of Nature, Hunting, Agriculture, Wine, Food.

Justine splashed some water on Owen's face as the two found a river nearby. Their attention was caught by a griffin flying above.

"I don't understand," replied Owen, "If I really am a big shot hero, why are they sending a goddess-in-training to meet me?"

"Perhaps it would be easier if I showed you...," Justine suggested.

As Justine held out her right hand, a spatial tear revealed the events of Quelyn.


[1 hour ago]

"Hmm. Interesting. So, the hero is more like Ledos than Themy?" Qemir asked, furrowing his brow in concentration.

From the platform on which he sat, Khelios sighed. "Well, I already knew that this would be an unusual dimension. As the Guardian God Of Time, I oversee more than 40 alternate timelines simultaneously - out of all the alternate timelines, this is probably the most anomalous."

Ledos grinned cheekily, bouncing on his podium as he said, "I see no problem with that!"

"You don't seem to have your head in the right place," Themy said.

Dalios replied, "Well, I doubt he's just going to be a merchant. If Father Mayhem chose him, then he must possess some heroic qualities."

Zaldir exclaimed, "Bull! The guy should be killed and we should start over!"

"Maybe we can do that with you..." Cira said in response to Zaldir's statement before Kodyn interrupted her and asked, "Where is this so-called hero?"

"Seeing as I called you guys shortly after he was reincarnated, he's still in the designated temple," Qemir said.

"So who will be meeting with this hero?" Kodyn asked.

The High Council was silent for a few moments before Ledos spoke.

"It's obvious, isn't it? I shall meet the hero and make him my Champion!" Ledos said triumphantly.

"It would be foolhardy to let the God Of Wealth take over such a valuable asset!" Zaldir confidently said, "He should become MY champion!"

"The only person who knows who's supposed to meet with Owen is the God Of Time himself: Khelios," Qemir said as his voice filled the council chambers once again.

"Yes...that has changed," Khelios said, staring at Themy with a barely audible voice.

"What do you mean?" Themy asked.

"The Goddess of Justice leads the Guardian of Adrios, as you know from the legend," Khelios replied.

"Of course we know," Qemir replied.

"Well, how do I put this...it meant the other Goddess Of Justice...," Khelios said.

Khelios turned to Justine, who was sound asleep on the table.

"You're joking, right?" Zaldir said.

"No," Khelios sighed.

Faylen laughed as she added, "I suppose she's the youngest here. After all, she'd be a better choice than Zaldir."

"We're giving Adrios' most valuable hero to this Goddess-in-training? Don't make me laugh! She might be decent one day, but that day is not today," Zaldir said as he pointed at Justine. "It is going to be interesting to see who gets in charge when she slips up."

"In the end, it can be wise to expect the unexpected," said Khelios as he scratched his chin.

After thinking about leaving, Zaldir sighs and says "This is so pointless." He looks around the room for a moment, before flying through the doorway, inviting the other Gods to join him.

"It is one of those rare moments when Zaldir has a point. I think I will join him," Onvyr said as he went to the door.

The other Gods shrugged as they joined him and left the meeting.

Qemir, Khelios, Ledos, Themy, and Justine were the only ones left.

Ledos chuckled.

Goddess Justine yawned slowly as she got up from her table unaware of what was going on. "Is this meeting over yet?" she asked sleepily as she flew towards Goddess Themy.

Goddess Themy smiled as she flew over to Goddess Justine. Justine's out-of-place hair was straightened by her touch.

"I think you're just getting started, My dear," Themy said, her eyes bright with delight.


Goddess Justine closed the spatial tear with a wave of her hand. With excitement in her voice, she said, "And that's how I was assigned to help you save the world from an SS+ threat!"

Owen stared at Justine, astonished at what he had just learned.

"You seem to be smiling at me even though they obviously didn't have a great deal of faith in you," Owen said.

It made Justine laugh. "Once we save the world, I'll have bragging rights. Besides, no one would consider undertaking a mission as difficult as this." She gripped her hands tightly while she stepped forward.

As Owen smiled at his companion's optimism, he spotted some slimes approaching them from behind moss-covered trees...

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